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Welcome to Dingle Traditional Rowing!

Travel back in time and step aboard a traditional Naomhóg and explore Dingle Harbour.

The Naomhóg is a traditional rowing vessel made from wood, tar and canvas.

During the trips our customers will learn about the history and the unique skill of rowing a Naomhóg. It is a unique way to experience the customs and traditions of Dingle and imagine how our ancestors survived in this harsh but spectacular landscape.

About us

Travel back in time – Step aboard a traditional Naomhóg and explore Dingle Harbour! 

The Dingle Rowing club was formed in 1989 with a view to introducing juveniles to the traditional Naomhóg and promoting Naomhóg racing as a sport. In 1989 there were 15 members, todays club membership has swelled to 150. The club house is located at the Marina centre on the waterfront in Dingle.

It is our intention to fundraise for the club, and therefore we are now running the Dingle Rowing Experience tour. The tour aims to showcase the Naomhóg to visitors and locals alike, travel back in time, learn and experience a traditional Naomhóg and experience Dingle Harbour in a unique cultural way! 

What is a Naomhóg?

A Naomhóg is a type of boat unique to the west coasts of Ireland. Traditionally the Naomhóg has a wooden frame over which animal skins or hides are stretched. These days, the wooden frame is covered in canvas which is then painted with tar to make it waterproof.